Basic ideas, empowering our country.

One of the most powerful tools humanity has is its ability to communicate. Ideas of all kinds are spread every second – many of them are wonderful, helpful, and empowering.

Most of the messaging we receive today is advertising – buy this to look great, buy that to be safer on your commute to work. Use this carrier because they have more 4G around the world! It really doesn’t matter what it is… just buy it!

It’s likely that most of the people reading this are responsible in one way or another for that messaging. We’re not here to judge of course, we all have to make a living, and a lucrative one marketing can be.

One of the reasons we created P2PFA is to help spread a new message. A message that can be heard by everyone, from all walks of life. A message that holds true no matter how much you have, or don’t.

That message? “We are all the same.” What makes us different is our starting point, our place (physically), and the messaging we receive throughout life – by friends, family, and our “culture.”

Clearly, there are advantages to being born into certain neighborhoods. You may be thinking money, nice houses, great schools, and the safe neighborhoods. Sure, those contribute.

What’s the most meaningful advantage to being born into a “good” neighborhood? We believe it’s simply access to ideas. It’s access to networks of people, and an understanding of not only how to “level up” – but being told you can, and should. Constantly.

P2PFA is designed to bring the absolute basics of humanity to everyone – from dealing with neighbors, to understanding interest, and basic nutrition. Before you declare that you already understand the basics, have a look at what we believe the basics are, again. You might be surprised, and encouraged. The Basic Humanity Focus will always be a free download, and we’ll send a printed copy to any address, free of charge. A link will be posted to the Focus soon.

Let’s level the playing field. If we all re-start with the same basic understanding of each other, our neighbors, and our communities, our lives will improve. And by extension, so too will our country. It won’t happen tomorrow, nor will it with each Presidential change. It happens when we’re ready.

I’ll leave you with this screen shot of This is a snapshot of the “news” we’re fed day after day. Many of us know how “the news” works, but there are hundreds of millions of people that don’t. Take this challenge – disconnect from all news, local, US, and global, and focus on the things you have direct control over. It’s not a popular thought – disconnecting from things that “matter.” I’ll leave it to you to decide how much of this “news” really, really, at a fundamental human level matters – to you.

Thank you.

This is what is considered “news” today.

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